Terminal Automation System (TAS)

Distri Terminal Automation System is based on customization. Is the terminal automation system big or small, we are able to bring the best products, solutions, devices and software based on customer business needs. We are continuously following up the latest development of Terminal automation system technology and we have close cooperation with major manufactures. We will take care about the approval processes for Terminal Automation System (like MID). We have built systems already 28 years. Strong experience in Terminal Automation systems together with ATEX environment is daily bred for us.



Distri Terminal Automation Systems provides lot of features and applications for liquid and solid product handling:


  • Truck loading and unloading
  • Additive blending and control
  • Rail/Pipeline/Marine receipts and disposal
  • Tank transfers
  • Inventory accounting


Distri Terminal Automation Systems gives customer easy access to better information from the terminals, and faster and more reliable truck loading Distri Terminal Automation System includes also Centralised control over your terminal operations. Centralised operations streamline daily activities, keeping you efficient with especially critical for unmanned terminals.



termination automation system

termination automation system

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